Dreams Spilt on Paper

I have been weeding through the dozen or more stories I have written as I try to figure out what to post here. Creativity for me is a dream– both a waking one and a sleeping one– for my mind drifts through stories throughout my day, and my dreams demand to become stories after I awake from sleep. Some are magical, mythical, and spiritual. All are vivid and real while I am in them, and require me to pour them onto paper before they fade into the fog of memory. I just read one story from a dream that I didn’t remember having, but I am very glad I had taken the time to begin it, and then outline it through to the end, for it brought back the images from the dream as surreal and frightening as when I dreamed them. For me that adds to the importance of my writing, because on many levels, for lighter and darker, it is me spilt across the page.Image


3 thoughts on “Dreams Spilt on Paper

  1. The creative process is a weird thing. My dreams are useless for story material. On the other hand, I have almost all my story ideas while walking or engaging in some other form of light exercise. (Not running, then I’m just thinking about how much I want to stop running.) To each their own.

    • It is only once every few years that I have a dream that is story worthy, but since college, that equals about Five stories, with one being very complex. If I had boring dreams there would be little point in sleep, well, except its requirement to live.

    • Indeed. The creative process is interesting. Gaming used to fuel me. Now I miss brainstorming ideas about worlds, races, etc. I’m not sure what really inspires my writing anymore — perhaps a treasury of gaming history.

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