Writing within constraints.

I have started to re-write a story to enter into a competition. There is a 4k words limit.  I have already cut this story down twice, and am still over 4k, and I am not finished writing it.  On one hand I hate constraints.  On the other, it has forced me to cut the story down to the grizzle, but such a evisceration, while befitting a horror story, might remove all life from its whittled corpse.


2 thoughts on “Writing within constraints.

  1. It is a good test. Sometimes being unrestrained can let creativity do its “thang”, but it can also lead to disastrous messes. Constraints can be good for finding holes in our writing ability like adding more detail to fluff up a story or pruning the superfluous to, as was so nicely put by Monthy Python, “Get on with it!”

  2. Four thousand words is plenty! ;p

    Usually, when I go through similar exercises, I find that there are whole scenes I can do without. There are times when telling IS better than showing, provided it’s done well. A well crafted sentence can tell you more about a person than pages of dialogue.

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