My imagination lead me into creative fiction, sci-fi, and alternate realities since I could comprehend the limits of this world and fathom the boundless possibilities of others. As a child this involved taking characters from TV shows like Battlestar Galactica, Robotec, and movies like Star Wars, and working them into imaginative games with complex story-lines. No longer throwing pine cone grenades at cylons, or battling friends with sticks-turned-light sabers (Now we use real swords), I focus my imaginative escapism into my stories.

I try to weave my cynical- yet-compassionate perspective into thought provoking fiction which wrestles with, and sometimes looses to, the harsh realities of the world.

Many of my stories are based on my dreams which can provide me with such a compelling and vivid story that I must put them to paper before they fade into the black forgetfulness where dreams go upon waking.

Being learning disabled dyslexic English is my second language and I have no first. I can misspell my own name, and get b p and d backwards. Needless to say, my writing can be a nightmare to edit, and I thank my family and friends who patiently read my drafts, and have to see even my my serious work as a comic piece.


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